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Why To Choose Lernx?

Lernx is a team of well-refined intellectual people who work collectively to provide a brilliant mentorship to the young budding minds looking for guidance and assistance is deciding their career paths. It is a wide digital learning-platform which helps enhance the technological and intellectual skills of an individual and help them grow to their full potential.

We believe in skills over knowledge and therefore, services provided by us would help the learner a long way in the future and will assist them fairly well while making important career decisions because these are the decisions which form the most crucial part of one’s life.

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Our curated curriculum

Our curriculum is designed in such a way that still can’t use electricity well.

A full-fledged learned and well-experienced team of professionals to provide guidance and one-to-one mentorship to each student.

Completely Beginner-Friendly courses with step-by-step explanation and advanced teaching to enhance the skills further.

Refining of skills already present along with embodiment of new ones to help them make fit for the jobs in any field they wish to take up.

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“This course helps me to learn how website works, what is frontend development and what is backend development . This course is designed in such a way that who did not know about web development will also learn very easily . I suggest everyone to take this course. ”

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Frequently Asked Quesitions

01    How to access the course?

This will open the page with different course list along with their purchasing price. The applicants can select the course they wish to pursue and complete the payment process.
Once the course is purchased, the applicant is required to login with their google account while providing their full name that they want to be published on Certificate. Once the account is created, the course purchased can be accessed through the tab titled “My Courses”.
There are various videos under different heads whereby first 2-3 videos can be accessed free of cost too, for demo. The certificate will be issued to them after the completion of the course which will appear at the end of titles of course.

02     What happens if we don’t understand a concept?

Learned professionals and experienced team guide the applicants throughout the course timeline thus, refining their basic knowledge. The videos related to courses purchased are available for lifetime and can berewatched as many times. The teachers help the students at every step to help them be clear about a concept.

03    Are the courses self-centric?

The courses are completely self-centric. The students can watch lessons whenever they are ready to move on to the next topic. Any lesson can be accessed from day one and learnt at one’s own time and pace.

04    Who takes and teaches the sessions?

The courses of all kinds are designed and delivered by one of the best professionals from divergent institutions and organizations. As our professionals have experienced the reality of the world and dealt with it, they are equipped with best of their knowledge to provide hands-on required nitty-gritties of every course with core conceptual logical series.